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Welded Metal Tree Sculptures

Combining my keen interest in art with a passion for nature and the countryside, I create handmade welded tree sculptures from my workshop in rural Herefordshire. The sculptures are made using primarily reclaimed and recycled metals which I source from the local area. Whether I am walking in the Forest of Dean or holidaying in the Lake District, my designs are inspired by beautiful trees I observe in the British countryside, as well as picturesque scenery throughout Herefordshire.


Meet David

I have lived and worked as a farmer for more than 40 years. When not in the lambing shed or working on the farm, I have a keen interest in cultivating and creating bonsai trees. This is where my passion for trees and the welding craft originate.


Over the years, my love of bonsai developed into handmade wire sculptures which then became the larger scale welded metal sculptures which I create today. As my artistic passion has developed, I have sought fresh ways to push the boundaries, experimenting with new skills and exciting challenges.


Following the creation of my initial sculptures, I quickly developed a passion for the welding craft. I went on to make many more designs, each with their own unique traits, experimenting with trunk shapes, branch formations and texture. In 2019, I made the decision to turn my passion for welding into a business and established DP Tree Sculptures in early 2020.


The Design Process

Inspiration for my welded art sculptures comes from various aspects of the British countryside. One of the most important things I have learnt: observation is vital. I take extra care to ensure that each aspect is true to nature as it's these details that breathe life-like character and authenticity into each creation.

Each tree sculpture is intricately handcrafted and takes 80+ hours to create. From the initial point of design to the finishing touches, it's this time-honoured skill and dedication to each piece that I take most pride in and is reflected in the complexity of my work.


The details of each design make every sculpture completely unique. The initial trunk structure is chosen and manipulated to create a softer, more natural shape. Branches are hand-applied at varying angles, just as they would grow on a tree in nature. And the unique texture of the bark represents the marks of the maker; every detail chosen and formed with careful precision to create a captivating and life-like finish.


Once complete, each metal tree sculpture is subtly embellished with the DP signature and given it's very own name as a one-off piece of welded art. 

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