• Free standing welded sculpture inspired by bonsai & trees of the British countryside
  • Handcrafted from reclaimed & recycled metals
  • Suitable for home &  business settings
  • Height: 69cm

The Swan

  • SOLD. Handcrafted using primarily and recycled metals, this welded tree sculpture is named after its defined trunk shape. The wide base extends upwards, arching as it ascends and gracefully curves round, resembling the neck of a swan. Inspiration for this unusual design comes from elements of bonsai and the organic forms of trees found in nature. The welder has been used to give the bark a distressed quality, while gnarled knots detailed into the design create a sense of age and interest. Each branch has been individually applied by hand to create lifelike characteristics that are completely unique to this metal tree sculpture. The Swan is mounted on an open metal channel base and finished with a matt lacquer.


    If you'd like to see this sculpture at my workshop before you buy, contact me to arrange a viewing.