• Free standing welded sculpture inspired by bonsai & trees of the British countryside
  • Handcrafted from reclaimed & recycled metals
  • Suitable for home & business settings
  • Height: 49cm

The Dragon

  • SOLD. Legend tells of a dragon that slumbers silently on the riverbed…

    This metal tree sculpture is named for its deeply arched trunk, the bending shape resembling the sweeping silhouette of a mythical dragon. The welder has been used to create unique marks and indentations across the trunk that some might say echo an ancient, scale-like texture. Handcrafted using primarily reclaimed and recycled metals, this welded tree sculpture echoes the form of a natural bonsai tree that has been cultivated to grow at an angle as a striking design feature. Metal tree branches have been applied at different angles by hand, while roots grow over the edges of the open metal channel base as an additional decorative touch. The Dragon is finished with a matt lacquer.

    If you'd like to see this sculpture at my workshop before you buy, contact me to arrange a viewing.